Collection: Loose Corner

This section is dedicated to CDs without covers or covers without CDs, in short, incomplete games that are given away to those who buy at least one other product (of any price). Just add it to your cart.

In the loose corner you can also find various demos and CDs from trade magazines

The products come from lots that I have purchased and can be in good as well as bad condition. As for the CDs they are all functional but based on the health of the same they can have some slowdowns.

Products can have 4 types of ratings

Excellent (CD intact, cover without creases and dents)
Good (CD with some slight lines, cover with normal signs of aging)
Sufficient (CD with some scratches but working, cover damaged but no missing parts)
Insufficient: (CD with a few extra scratches that slows down the game, cover with missing or written parts)
As products are given away, no refunds are accepted. For more information on the status of the video game you can contact me at the numbers and emails you see on the site. I will be available to send you more photos

It will be possible to get a loose product for each product purchased, 2 loose products for 2 purchases etc ....

In case of adding more loose products than the purchases made, the excess products will be eliminated. (Products of my choice will be deleted)

In case of purchase of the Loose corner product only (without subsequent purchase), the order will be canceled and refunded (in case of attached shipment)


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