Collection: Playstation

PlayStation also indicated by the abbreviation PSX known as PS1 , derived from the code name used during the system's development phase, i.e PlayStation Xperimental , is a video game console produced by Sony from 1994 to 2000.

PlayStation marked Sony's debut in the console field and was a huge success, starting a revolution that changed the image of consoles themselves for the general public, from a product designed for a younger audience to a technological reality capable of changing the family everyday life. In this sense, initial attempts had already been made but with limited success, such as the CD-I and the 3DO ; it is widely believed that the success of PlayStation is due not only to the high quality and versatility of the hardware produced, but above all to a large advertising campaign unprecedented in this field, with commercials of strong impact and originality, which managed to interest a user much broader than the traditional one of video games. In this way Sony managed to excel over the historic brands in the sector, Nintendo and SEGA

On 7 July 2000 it was replaced by PSone , which remained on the market until March 2005 with 28 million units sold.


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